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Sprenger olive head snaffle KK Ultra
Sensogan double broken

Solid, thickness 18mm.
LPO unlimited, for bridle tests.

The correct position is important.
The arrowhead on the bit must be in the horse's mouth
on the left side facing forward.
The bit is solid and consists of the tried and tested,
Nickel-free Aurigan, which stimulates chewing particularly well.

Composition : 85% copper, 4% silicon, balance zinc.

The double-jointed KK-Conrad-Ultra bit enables
a more precise impact without being sharper.
It has a shortened middle section rotated by 45°,
so that the bit lies evenly on the tongue
and doesn't squeeze anywhere.

The Sensogan denture material is the further development of the material mix
Aurigan. The positive properties of Aurigan were incorporated into the new alloy
reinforced and even higher tolerance for the extremely sensitive
horse mouth achieved. The composition consists of copper, manganese and zinc.
Despite the reduced copper content compared to the Aurigan bits, there is a dosed amount
Oxidation process through the combination with manganese and the chewing activity of the horse
is specifically encouraged. Manganese is an important trace element that, among other things
for the development of connective tissue as well as muscle and energy metabolism
is important and can promote stress reduction. Manganese also produces histamine
and can thus help prevent allergic reactions.

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