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L`Evoine saddle pad Alpaca dressage

The ergonomic saddle pad from L'Evoine impresses with similar features
Properties like those of lambskin saddle cloths or lambskin pads,
but is considered a more animal-friendly alternative and complements lambskin
some useful benefits:

- anti-static and anti-allergic: Alpaca wool contains different
Sheep wool no lanolin = wool fat, which horses are allergic to
can react

- Shock-absorbing + pressure-distributing function thanks to extremely dense, crimped wool

- Rider sits close to the horse's movement and can provide subtle weight aids

- Animal-friendly resource: Alpacas are sheared twice a year
Unlike lambskin, skin is not processed.

Alpaca wool is finer than sheep's wool and is only a third of its weight,
because their wool fibers have small cavities inside. You can save up to 50%
absorb their own weight in moisture without themselves
wet to the touch. Woven into the fleece as a base for the saddle pad or the
These fine, shock-absorbing fibers lie directly on the saddle pads
Horse backs and thus absorb sweat highly effectively.
The alpaca saddle pads and saddle pads therefore help
hot temperatures as a true air conditioning system, rather than the animal in addition
to warm.

The shock absorption of the fluffy alpaca fleece comes from the extremely fine,
curly structure of alpaca wool. The alpaca fleece acts like a
Light air cushion that reduces shock and, above all, pressure
equally distributed. Alpaca fleece has a significantly lower height than
Lambskin and cannot be used for height adjustment in the saddle position
but rather as a fine pressure cushion with special
skin-friendly properties. An optimally adjusted saddle still fits
fits perfectly and doesn't get too tight.

The alpaca fleece saddle pad must be placed directly on the horse's back
lie in order to develop its properties.

The pad is anatomically shaped and is also suitable for horses with high feet

Upper material: 100% cotton Lower material: 100% alpaca fleece

Made in Germany

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