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Thickness 18mm. Stainless steel side panels, length of suits 7 cm. Anatomically adapted. For getting used to and for sensitive mouths. According to the LPO, it can be used from L-dressage. The correct position is important! The arrowhead on the bit must point forward on the left side of the horse's mouth. The teeth are solid and made of the tried and tested, nickel-free Auirgan/Sensogan, which stimulates chewing particularly well. Composition: 85% copper, 4% silicon, balance zinc. Rings and side parts made of sturdy stainless steel. ** The curb bit is an unbroken mouthpiece with set levers. In connection with a curb chain, the strength of the impact depends on the length of the suits. A curb with long tails, usually 7 cm, produces greater force, but acts more slowly than a so-called baby curb with tails of 5 cm. When buying a bridle, make sure that it is approx. 0.5 cm narrower than the bridle. Curbs are special bridles and should only be used by advanced riders. They require a perfectly balanced seat and delicate handling. Riding on a double bridle is compulsory from class L and higher in dressage at tournaments. In general, riding the various high lessons should also be possible with a bridle.

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