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Stübben bit Golden Wings double broken
Water snaffle

Width: 9.5 / 10.5 / 11.5 cm
Ring Ø: 65 mm
Thickness: 14mm
Ring Ø: 70 mm
Thickness: 14mm
SWEET copper mouthpiece
International article number: 2262

Advantages of the Golden Wings bridle:
- Optimal safety for the horse
- Pleasant and mouth-friendly
- No jamming
- No nutcracker effect
- New effect through denture plates
- Easier communication between horse and rider

Advantages of the Golden Wings bit plates:
- Optimal safety for the horse thanks to the side bit plates
- 100% gentle on lips - pleasant and mouth-friendly
- The bit plates allow the rider a new direct influence on the horse's mouth from the outside.
- The large bit plates offer the horse optimal protection and safety in the lip area.
- Combines the advantages of the water snaffle with the direct impact on the horse's mouth from the outside via the bit plates.
- Golden Wings bridles are very well received by all horses, especially young horses.
- Golden Wings bridles enable easier and more sensitive communication between horse and rider.

Advantages of the SWEET copper mouthpiece:
- Better acceptance
- Pleasant taste
- Chewing effect stimulates saliva production
- The solid copper connection (90% copper, 7% iron + aluminum, nickel-free) has high strength
- Your horse feels comfortable with SWEET copper

Stübben Steeltec quality:
- No sharp edges that could hurt the horse's mouth
- Long durability thanks to selected materials
- Special processing techniques reduce the deflection of the joint connections of the bits

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